A Little Music

Every moment has a soundtrack. Whether it’s one song that embodies an emotion you felt so powerfully you’ll never forget it or a playlist that accompanied a pivotal time in your life. I make playlists to write to, to blare in my car when I’m driving, to capture a mood, or mark a time or event. I hope you find a song on one of these Spotify playlists that captures a moment for you. Enjoy!

Emo Quarantino

This is such a crazy time in our lives, I had to make a playlist to document it. Filled with obvious choices, such as At the Drive In’s “Quarantined” to the more subtle “It was Fear of Myself That Made Me Odd” by Alexisonfire, each song title represents a different aspect of our socially-distanced-trying-to-stay-sane lives.

Hollow Stars

The full playlist for my debut novel, out now. Some songs influenced what I wrote while it was being written. Some songs embodied a certain sentiment or scene so well they had to make the list. Most of these bands are ones I’ve loved for years and hope you will like, too.

Lost Immortal

My current work in progress. More songs to be added as this new novel takes shape!