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Indie Writer and Author Lauryn DyanWhen I was young, I enjoyed writing and telling stories. Sometimes I’d tell them just to myself, sometimes to my toys. As I got older, my stuffed animals were no longer interested in listening to my fictional worlds, and so, storytelling took a back-burner to ambition. I went to college at Northern Arizona University (Go Lumberjacks!), picked a major that sounded cool (advertising), and found my creativity morphed into a career in marketing. I’ve always enjoyed my day job, but eventually, I got this itch for something more. Something just for me–a new (or turns out old) passion. With nothing but a blank page, a playlist, and an iPad, I found myself pulled back into the world of storytelling. Now, here I am, an indie author and writer typing away in the wee hours of the night, either for my own creative endeavors or for Las Vegas music magazine, Smash Magazine

This site is dedicated to my journey as a writer and reader (including my novels, magazine articles, and book memes), my design projects (like moody notebooks), my music obsession (featuring album reviews and concert clips), and other things I love. Please explore to learn more!

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