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July/August Album Reviews

Check out my album reviews for issue 107 of Smash Magazine, including AFI and supergroup Fuckin’ Whatever.

AFIBodies Album Review
It’s only natural that a band evolves over time—especially one that’s been around as long as AFI. Ever since they solidified their lineup and veered away from their 90s punk roots 20+ years ago, AFI has been cultivating an emo/goth/glam rock sound all their own. Yet their latest release, Bodies, doesn’t feel like an evolution of AFI, it feels like a dilution. It’s no secret that Davey Havok (lead vocals) and Jade Puget (guitar) have a number of side projects, but mostly, they’ve managed to keep those projects from bleeding over. Songs like “Escape From Los Angeles” and “Dulceria” have me questioning if that’s still the case. Perhaps if Bodies had proceeded Crash Love as a continuing glow up it would flow in their catalog, but this album just isn’t AFI enough to fit even an evolving AFI sound.

Fuckin’ WhateverFuckin’ Whatever EP Review
Imaging traversing an arid desert far from here. As the sun beats your brow, you find a village of mud-brick buildings and tents to cool down. You stumble into an open doorway and fear the heatstroke has finally gotten you as you find Anthony Green of Circa Survive, Adam Lazzara and John Nolan of Taking Back Sunday, and Ben Homola of Grouplove holding a jam session. But this is no heat-induced hallucination—it is the new supergroup, Fuckin’ Whatever. A byproduct of the pandemic, Fuckin’ Whatever is the polished version of what once was a post-tour ritual of hanging out and making music just for fun. With no instruments and layers of vocals (dominated by Green) and percussion, their five track, psych-pop, self-titled EP is definitely a vibe on the other side of the music spectrum.