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Hollow Stars

Out now!

Discover the dire side effects of partying like a rock star in the music-based thriller, Hollow Stars.

As lead singer of popular, emerging rock band, Tracing Stars, Kennedy has the swagger of a badass, or at least she used to. While out on her first major rock tour her dreams are erased by a string of ever-worsening blackouts. Now the instability of her mind has landed her in a psychiatric hospital. Despite being convinced the guy she fell for on tour drew her in just to sabotage her, she lacks any evidence. Trapped in the asylum, she alternates between reliving the past and confronting her present to recover her lost memories so she can return to her band before she’s just a footnote in their rise to fame.

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Did You Know?

Most of the characters in my novel Hollow Stars are named after bands, artists, or songs that have impacted my life. Many are from the early 2000s emo and screamo scene such as Thursday, Chiodos, The Used, Saosin, The Early November, and more. Check out the accompanying playlist here!

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Lost Immortal

Work in progress!

Embarking on a journey to save humanity’s free will with a former god is not exactly how Haleigh envisioned spending her gap year after high school. Yet when Zain, a reclusive immortal formerly known as Zeus, rescues her from a tsunami, this is exactly the adventure he offers up. He is on a mission to stop a revolt led by his brothers to resume their place as gods over the humans once more. Drawn to Zain and eager to do something meaningful with her life, Haleigh accepts, not knowing Zain has other motives for inviting her. Their journey to Olympus where the fate of humanity will be decided is rife with natural disasters, deceptive enemies, and romantic tension—heightened by Zain’s longstanding search for his missing wife Hera. Will Hera be found? Can Zain defeat his brothers? What is Haleigh’s true role in this modern-day Odyssey? All will be answered at Olympus.

A Little About My Notebooks

For Whatever Mood You’re In

Perhaps some days you’re an optimist full of sunshine and radiating rainbows. Perhaps other days you’re a pessimist full of darkness and wielding pointy objects. Why not have a notebook for either mood? Track your quests, scrawl your rantings, make your to-do lists for good or evil, or pen those poems in one of my uniquely themed notebooks.

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