Supernatural Resurrections

Holy slew of resurrected characters, CW! Supernatural season 13 should have been subtitled “The Return” for as many deceased characters as it brought back in the latest chapter of the long-running show.

Honestly though, we probably should have seen it coming. Slowly over the past few seasons, the show has been returning to its season one through five roots established by original showrunner Eric Kripke.

It all started in season eleven when Lucifer sprung himself from the cage from whence he’d been trapped since his demise in season five. His return and the reignited push and pull between the angels and demons over his son (yep, the legit spawn of satan) remind us what made Supernatural so unique and interesting in the first place. Now in season thirteen, a parallel universe allows us to see what would have happened to the world if Sam and Dean hadn’t saved it from the original apocalypse the not so nice angels and blackeyed demons would have unleashed on the world. Old grudges are revisited. Antics ensue.

And what better use of a parallel universe than to bring back characters long since dead? How long have people been hoping Bobby would come back?! And there he is, baseball hat and all. I just never imagined they’d bring back so many people at one time. Lucifer, Bobby, Mary (Sam and Dean’s mom dead since before the show started), Gabriel, Michael, Kevin Tran, Catch, Charlie, Rowena, and probably more I’m forgetting since its been thirteen years, lol.

The only person they didn’t bring back is the Winchester’s half-brother, Adam, and I have to say WTF? Poor Adam. Introduced in season four, locked in hell in season five, never to be spoken of again. Seriously, that’s one big ol’ snub the show needs to rectify before it goes off the air. But if history tells us anything, there’s probably at least a few more seasons for them to do it.

Oh, and what was up with alternate universe Castiel’s accent? Let’s hope they don’t bring that back.

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