Give a Sock This Season with CRU SOX

For some reason, rock and roll and funky socks just seem to go hand in hand, or perhaps foot in sock? Maybe it’s the desire to go against the expected in every possible way, but artists and fans in the scene have always loved having a fun design wrapped around their ankles in the crowd, on the stage, or at the skate park. Sometimes, we may take these small apparel items for granted. White, striped, splattered, or checkered, of course we have socks! But as it turns out, this isn’t the case for everyone.   

Socks are one of the most in-demand items by charities not just here in Las Vegas but nationally. Why? Because socks wear out easily, especially when they get a lot of use by people constantly on their feet or who do not have shoes, and socks are not often donated.

So, one pair of rock star teachers decided to marry our love of wrapping our feet in funky patterns and giving back in an often overlooked way by creating CRU SOX—a quality sock brand with a unique give back model. After attracting the attention of metal legend Billy Graziadei of Biohazard (and Powerflo and BillyBio), the company is off and running (pun intended.)

We had an opportunity to talk with CRU SOX co-founders, who are also husband and wife, Edward and Angela Davis about the inspiration for their organization and designs and the future of the brand and it may just make you want to buy a pair or two or five this holiday season.

Smash Magazine: When you were brainstorming ways to make a positive impact beyond your classrooms, how did you narrow down the possibilities and ultimately decide to focus on socks?

CRU SOX: We as a school had an assembly with a guest speaker by the name of Mike Smith to start the year, and we might have taken more from him than the students. He spoke about being either a “talker” or a “doer” and that resonated with us as we have always incorporated life lessons into our classrooms, but did not think that we were truly doing enough to help outside of the classroom. He also spoke about how socks are the most needed item for people that have fallen on hard times and that hit home because we have always loved all types of funky socks. So, it made sense for us to create a line of fun socks that could also help “give back” to those in need

SM: Walk us through your give back formula for these socks and how it isn’t just a one to one model like other companies with similar missions.

CS: The “give back” formula is a unique mathematical formula since one of us is an actual math teacher. It is a basic 2x-1 formula that gives back more than just a one for one model depending on the amount of pairs in your purchase. If you buy one, we donate one. If you buy two, we donate three. If you buy three, we donate five. If you buy twelve, we donate twenty-three and so on…

SM: Your sock designs are very rock and roll. Who comes up with your designs and how often are you rolling out new looks?

CS: I have always loved rock and roll style since way back from either watching music videos or going to music stores and seeing actual album cover artwork. We design all of our socks between the both of us. I come up with the ideas that are based on what I loved as a kid and still love today while my wife creates all of the designs herself based on reference images that I select. We wanted to possibly bridge the gap between young and old with styles that seem to stick around. As we grow, we can release new styles as we have plenty of ideas ready to roll.

SM: Speaking of rock and roll, your partner in the company is metal pioneer Billy Graziadei, whose bands and music have always lyrically taken on a socially conscious slant. How did you connect with him and get him involved in the project?

CS: We actually met Ra Diaz from Suicidal Tendencies at Ozzfest Meets Knotfest in San Bernardino back in 2017 when one of our great friends and old touring buddies was playing a set with Stone Sour. Ra is such a great dude and happened to be touring with BillyBio in August of 2019, so we went to support him at The Dive Bar. After their set, we got to talking to Billy and he absolutely loved our idea for CRU SOX. Once we launched the company, we sent him some socks and he reached out to us.

SM: Currently, you’re donating to Project 150 here in Las Vegas that supports homeless, displaced, and disadvantaged high school students. What drew you to that charity?

CS: Both being teachers, we saw a lot of instances throughout the year that would break your heart and wanted to find somewhere that gives a little extra hope to students in need. We always heard about the great things that they were doing and anytime that we did a closet cleanout, we always made sure that they got what we had to give. Once we had enough socks for a “give back,” we contacted them, and they were so grateful to have them they invited us out to see everything that they were doing. We were so impressed that we started volunteering there over the summer doing food distribution.

SM: What’s your vision for CRU SOX as the brand grows?

CS: We have had to definitely revise what our future could be after the shutdowns that occurred this year. We really just want to keep growing the brand and giving back to as many people in need as we can, but in the meantime create high-quality custom socks for businesses, organizations, bands, etc. that are looking for a higher quantity produced. The “give back” will still be a huge part of that program as well, matching the quantity purchased with “give back socks” that can be donated to a charity of their choice. We would also love to get out and about as vendors with the rock fans at some music festivals as live shows come back in the future.

SM: Are there other ways people can get involved with CRU SOX, aside from buying some really badass socks?

CS: Of course, this started as a movement to create positive change in all communities, not just ones that have the most need. We ask everyone to think about what they can do in their community as well to make it a little bit better! If there is an organization in your area that you think could benefit from our sock donations, please feel free to shoot us an email at [email protected].

To purchase CRU SOX, visit In addition to their fun sock designs, they also offer an option to order custom socks for your brand or business and a template ­to submit a sock design that may be featured on their social media accounts!