Scream Pays Tribute to Halloween

Hopefully everyone had a happy Halloween! And if you’re like me and one of your ways of celebrating is to watch scary movies, you may have noticed that certain newer films give shout outs to their earlier, influential counterparts. One such love affair is between my favorite scary movie, Scream, and one of the best horror flicks, the original Halloween. Here’s the top 10 Halloween references in the 1996 movie:

  1. This one is pretty obvious. In the opening scene in Scream where the killer is asking poor Casey questions while she and her boyfriend’s lives hang in the balance, the warm up question is “Who is the killer in Halloween?” This one she get’s right: it’s Michael Meyers.
  2. In this same opener, Casey pops almost identical popcorn to popcorn doomed friend Annie pops in Halloween.
  3. Both killer’s wear white masks available to buy at the store for Halloween.
  4. Casey and Laurie Strode from Halloween both pull off the killer’s mask at one point while being attacked in their respective films.
  5. In Halloween the main psychiatric doctor that treats Michael Meyers is named Dr. Sam Loomis. In Scream, leading lady Sidney’s boyfriend and psycho killer number one is named Billy Loomis.
  6. Both movies feature the song “Don’t Fear the Reaper.” Halloween uses the original Blue Oyster Cult version while Scream uses a slower, more sober cover by Gus Black.
  7. The Mackenzie’s must be good in a crisis! At the end of the opening scene in Scream the distraught father tells his wife to drive over to the Mackenzie’s for help. In one of the last scenes in Halloween, Laurie Strode gives the kids she is babysitting basically the same instructions. Go to the Mackenzie’s and call the police.
  8. In Scream, when comic relief Randy is laying out “the rules” for surviving scary movies, he warns never to say “I’ll be right back,” following which, Stew uses that very ominous line before going to get a beer. Randy replies “I’ll see you in the kitchen with a knife.” This is exactly how Bob dies in Halloween. He goes to fetch a beer in the kitchen and Michael Meyers gets him with a big knife in the gut.
  9. Another obvious one, but when Sidney is going through the movie rentals for their fateful party in Scream, Randy explains that Jamie Lee Curtis is the scream queen for all the horror flicks she appeared in. They then proceed to watch Halloween.
  10. And finally, in Scream Randy comments that they need to be careful as they stand near the supposedly dead killer’s body because they always come back to life one last scare. Hello, Michael Meyers. That dude just wouldn’t stay dead.

Did I miss anything? Let me know below!

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