Violent New Breed

Interview with Violent New Breed

Violent New Breed Establishing Their (Bad) Reputation If Three Days Grace and Trivium had a badass love child, it would be Violent New Breed (VNB for short). Led by founding member Max Green (former Escape the Fate, and briefly, Falling in Reverse), VNB combines gritty vocals, intense metal riffs, and blow your speakers-out breakdowns to create a rock album worthy of your attention. Rounded out by new additions Sean Russell (vocals, guitar), Charlie Nicholson (drums),…Continue reading Interview with Violent New Breed

Smash Magazine Album Reviews

March/April 2020 Album Reviews

Check out my album reviews for issue 99 of Smash Magazine, including PVRIS, Turnover, Hawthorne Heights, Highly Suspect, and Bring Me the Horizon. PVRIS – Hallucinations EP & Acoustic Single ReviewAs a band that blurs the line between rock and pop, the latest release from Massachusetts trio* PVRIS, Hallucinations, with its synth-driven track “Death of Me” and its dance-worthy beats on “Nightmare,” leans more toward the band’s pop side. But even if the electropop sounds…Continue reading March/April 2020 Album Reviews

Thrice Drumstick

My Top 10 Unique Concert Moments

I’ve made it no secret–I love going to shows. And while I’m not sure I could ever pick a favorite concert overall, I can think of ten crazy, epic, surreal or just plain lucky concert moments that I will never forget. Here they are: Billy Burning BrightOne of the first concerts I ever went to as a kid was Billy Joel with my family. I was pretty young, so I don’t remember a lot, but…Continue reading My Top 10 Unique Concert Moments

New Found Glory

Earthquake? Psh, the show must go on.

Last night, there was an earthquake in Southern California that reverberated all the way to Las Vegas. Where was I? In a swaying balcony at a concert at the House of Blues. The whole experience, nay, the whole night, was a big, surreal experience for more than one earth-shaking reason. First and foremost, I went to the show specifically to see The Early November (TEN). This was my first time seeing them live and they…Continue reading Earthquake? Psh, the show must go on.


To the Aging Rocker…

I still love going to concerts. I love that feeling when your heart starts racing as the lights dim and each band member takes the stage. The rush as the first notes ring out and you are immediately enveloped in sound. The carefree way you can get lost in the music and the crowd, truly singing like no one is listening, because in most cases, no one can hear you nor do they want to.…Continue reading To the Aging Rocker…


Supernatural Resurrections

Holy slew of resurrected characters, CW! Supernatural season 13 should have been subtitled “The Return” for as many deceased characters as it brought back in the latest chapter of the long-running show. Honestly though, we probably should have seen it coming. Slowly over the past few seasons, the show has been returning to its season one through five roots established by original showrunner Eric Kripke. It all started in season eleven when Lucifer sprung himself…Continue reading Supernatural Resurrections

Coffee, Coffee, Coffee

We Need a Few More Words From Gilmore Girls

The anticipation and excitement over the Gilmore Girls revival, A Year in the Life, was almost palpable leading into its release a few weeks ago. I myself was extremely anxious to get back from my Thanksgiving vacation so I could watch every GG moment on my TV rather than on the small iPad screen I had with me, though I was tempted to sneak a peek more than once. There were so many questions from…Continue reading We Need a Few More Words From Gilmore Girls


Scream Pays Tribute to Halloween

Hopefully everyone had a happy Halloween! And if you’re like me and one of your ways of celebrating is to watch scary movies, you may have noticed that certain newer films give shout outs to their earlier, influential counterparts. One such love affair is between my favorite scary movie, Scream, and one of the best horror flicks, the original Halloween. Here’s the top 10 Halloween references in the 1996 movie: This one is pretty obvious.…Continue reading Scream Pays Tribute to Halloween


Let Books Decide Your Halloween Costume

Sometimes coming up with a Halloween costume can be as dreadful as swimsuit shopping in December. This year, when you’re stumped trying to find something that is both clever and easy for your inebriated friends to understand, take a page from a book on your bookshelf (virtual or literal). To get you started, here are a few ideas: Classic Halloween Costumes These costumes are tried and true and have their roots in classic horror literature.…Continue reading Let Books Decide Your Halloween Costume

Thrice Live

Forever Thrice

This past weekend I went to see one of my favorite bands, Thrice, play live at the Brooklyn Bowl in Las Vegas for the fourth time. It’s a show I didn’t expect to see after the band announced their breakup in 2011. Thankfully, the stars aligned and the band returned in 2016 with a new album, To Be Everywhere Is to Be Nowhere, and a tour to support it. With a vast and eclectic catalogue,…Continue reading Forever Thrice

Haunted Portland

Haunted Portland?

Whether you believe in ghosts or not, there are many a spooky story that surround the Portland, Oregon area. With the most ghoulish month of the year approaching, it seemed only fitting to try out a Portland haunted pub tour this past weekend when I visited the eclectic city. The walking tour was a mix of historical accounts, creepy stories of hearsay, and of course, local beer. It was interesting and fun, but low on…Continue reading Haunted Portland?

"You never have to change anything you got up in the middle of the night to write."

Don’t Ignore Inspiration

When writing, you never know when inspiration may strike. Sometimes the spark of an idea can come while idly thinking in the shower, listening to a song, or reading your social media feed. For my first story, that inspiration came from a dream I just couldn’t shake. I remember waking up and thinking how vivid and terrifying it was. It wasn’t until months later I took that memory and turned it into the prologue for…Continue reading Don’t Ignore Inspiration

Jimmy Eat World

Welcome Back Jimmy Eat World

With the announcement of a new album and tour, I can’t help but get retrospective for one of my favorite bands, Jimmy Eat World. While I’d like to say I was cool enough to be a fan when the band first formed in 1993 and I was 10, it wasn’t until their album Clarity came out in 1999 that I discovered them. Still, I feel like maybe I did fall in love with their music…Continue reading Welcome Back Jimmy Eat World

Alternative Press Covers

You Know You Were an Emo Kid if…

If you were into the rock music scene in the 2000s, you probably listened to Emo, Screamo, Hardcore, or some other sub-genre you rattled off when the poser listening to Good Charlotte asked you your favorite type of music. Here were some of your most identifying characteristics back then: You heard Atreyu’s song “Bleeding Mascara” and immediately used it as your MySpace screen name. Alternative Press was your bible. You considered slam dancing at a…Continue reading You Know You Were an Emo Kid if…


Reunited and it Sounds so Good

If you are an emo kid at heart, the music scene was probably bringing tears to your eyes for a while, and not in a good way. With the rise of the hipster, emo and screamo started to give way to the indie and folk-rock takeover. Many genre essential bands broke up, went on hiatus, or started side projects. A few booted founding band members and tried to continue on with replacements, but somehow their…Continue reading Reunited and it Sounds so Good