Reunited and it Sounds so Good

If you are an emo kid at heart, the music scene was probably bringing tears to your eyes for a while, and not in a good way. With the rise of the hipster, emo and screamo started to give way to the indie and folk-rock takeover. Many genre essential bands broke up, went on hiatus, or started side projects. A few booted founding band members and tried to continue on with replacements, but somehow their…Continue reading Reunited and it Sounds so Good

Binge Watching

Top 10 CW Shows to Binge Watch

I love teen dramas and I’m not afraid to admit it. The CW sure nails it and some of their shows are my favorites shows of all time. Here are my top 10, past and present, I recommend you binge watch right now (most on Netflix): 1. One Tree Hill: Seriously underrated high school drama centering around two basketball-loving half-brothers. Dare I say it’s better than its predecessor on the network, Dawson’s Creek? The high school years…Continue reading Top 10 CW Shows to Binge Watch